Top Five Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Matters

    1. Mobile-Friendly is Customer Friendly™. A mobile-friendly website tells customers that your business is making their ‘customer experience’ a number one priority.
    2. Mobile-friendly is a ‘must-have’ not a ‘nice to have.’ Over 80% of internet users own a smart phone. Over 60% of adults use their smart phones or tablets – rather than their desktops – to research items online before making a purchasing decision.
    3. A website that is not mobile-friendly could inadvertently drive customers to your competitors. If customers have to ‘pinch and zoom’ to read your text, they are likely to associate their poor experience with your business, and go to a competitor’s mobile-friendly site.
    4. Mobile-friendly websites receive higher Google rankings than websites that are not mobile-friendly. If your blog posts, landing pages, images, etc. are not optimized for mobile your mobile search rankings will suffer.
    5. Just because you can see your website on your smart phone, it does not mean it is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website has a responsive design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and orientations. It will also be clearly tagged as ‘mobile-friendly’ in Google searches. Is your website mobile-friendly? Find out now!